How much the Apple Vision Pro costs… environmentally

The carbon footprint of an Apple Vision Pro amounts to 335kg of greenhouse gas emissions, slightly higher than the 300kg emitted by the 16-inch MacBook Pro I currently use. This represents approximately 15% of a yearly emissions budget of 2 tons, or about 3% when depreciated over a 5-year period.

As a programmer specializing in Apple technologies, I am naturally curious about the Apple Vision Pro. However, I have decided against purchasing one, not primarily due to financial constraints, but because I believe its environmental impact exceeds what is justifiable for a product that remains largely nonessential.

For numerous reasons, I hope the Apple Vision Pro fails to gain traction. However, it seems unlikely. Therefore, I urge you to consider its environmental cost as seriously as its monetary expense before making a purchasing decision. Please aim to offset emissions elsewhere, just as you would seek to save money in other areas if you choose to acquire one.


Mick F @dirtyhenry