Thoughts about the state of web tooling

I spent some time yesterday evening with a starter template of Remix + Vite. Here are a few thoughts:

  • I couldn’t figure out how to import CSS. The Remix documentation referred to Vite’s, which was technology-agnostic and suggested that importing CSS should be straightforward. However, my attempts failed. When simple tasks become difficult, I understand the strange popularity of Tailwind.
  • Vercel has its own package to run Remix, leading Remix to remove their Vercel starter template from their repository. From an outside perspective, it seems ego battles are harming the developer experience.
  • Sass seems to be considered outdated compared to all the PostCSS options.

I still believe the web is moving towards some consolidation among tools, but it’s very frustrating right now. 💻

Mick F @dirtyhenry